6th Annual Riverfest is Underway!

For all you White Salmon enthusiasts, get ready for another great River Fest and Symposium. This year's event will be held July 10th, with events based out of Wet Planet Whitewater in Husum, WA.

2011 will be a year to remember in the history of the White Salmon River.

Over the years, this event has grown to represent this spectacular river and its thriving community members who call the White Salmon watershed their home. Once again, we invite the entire community--from neighborhood residents to river professionals to local businesses--to come together for a day of river recreation, education, and celebration.

Experience the river’s recreation potential on a Community Raft Float or Kayak Event.

Learn about the river’s free-flowing future and post-dam restoration efforts.
Enjoy music, BBQ, a raffle, and river movies with fellow river enthusiasts.

A particularly historic year for the White Salmon River, 2011 will see a major transition as PacifiCorp has slated October for the removal of Condit Dam. This year’s River Fest will be an opportunity for the community to come together to learn about this monumental river restoration event. Symposium topics will focus heavily on the dam’s deconstruction, helping everyone to better understand their favorite river during this transitional period.

Schedule of Events:

2:30pm -  Community Raft Float
2:30pm -  Kayak Competitions
5:00-6:00pm -  BBQ and Raffle
6:00 - 8:00pm -  Symposium
8:00 - 10:00pm (or later) -  Music from Richard and Tova, More food, and River Movies on the Big Screen